भारत के ऊपर वेदेशी क़र्ज़

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Key points :

1. Total foreign loan on India = 40 lakh crore. This is since independance.

2. All countries that give loan to India impose 2 important restrictions.
A) Reduce the value of Indian Currency.
B) All companies from loan giving countries to have free access to markets in India.

3. In total there are 5000 foreign companies operating in India which take out Rs. 3 lakh crore from the country every year.

4. India also has to pay the interest of the loan it has taken which is also nearly Rs. 3 lakh crore. So a total of Rs. 6 lakh crore moves out of the country.

5. On every bottle of Pepsi which is sold at Rs. 10 , Pepsi earns a profit of Rs. 8 which goes straight to USA.

6. Pepsi/Coca Cola and Harpic toilet cleaner have same base ingredient that is Phosphoric acid. Both have equal concentration of acid and ph value 2.4.

7. 10 years ago Rajiv Dixit conducted the experiment of cleaning toilets with Pepsi/Coke and results very amazing. At the same time Rajiv Dixit came in contact with Baba Ramdev in Haridwar. And hence started the campaign of Thanda matlab Toilet Cleaner.

8. Sodium mono glutamate , another ingredient of Pepsi is cancerous.

9. Pepsi also contains Endosulfan which is used in fertilizers to kill insects. Pepsi contains Endosulfan because otherwise it would catch growth of bacteria and pests since pepsi is manufactured from dirty water. Pepsi is not manufactured from clean water because it would cost more.

Endosulfan is banned in many developed countries :

There are 14 poisonous chemicals in Pepsi. Hence these drinks harm every part of the body.

10. PepsiCoke is pulling out nearly Rs. 5.5 thousand crore from India every year.

11. The money that Pepsi Coke earns from India is the same money which USA gives to Pakistan. And with that money Pakistan attacks India.

12. If the same amount of money is spend on sugarcane juice , lemon juice then income of farmers will increase and savings of the country will increase.

13. Every year toothpaste of Rs. 20 thousand crore is being sold in India by these foreign companies. Toothpaste is being sold at Rs. 300 per kilo which is same as the price of Kaju and Badam. Toothpaste is made of Dicalcium phosphate which costs Rs. 1 per kilo and is made from Dead Animals.

14. There are 36000 slaughter houses, where 10 crore animals are killed every year. Meat is consumed or exported and the bones are used by Toothpaste companies to make the toothpaste.

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